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Acta Linguistica is a scholarly, peer-reviewed international journal published regularly (up to 4 issues yearly) by Eurasia Academic Publishers. The Manager and Editorial Team solicit papers on all aspects of theoretical and applied linguistics. Articles shall be written in English, Russian, or German in compliance with the Submission Rules.

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Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Die Morphometaphorizität: Die Dritte Wortbildungstechnik. Teil II – Die Parameter und die Skalen der Morphometaphorizität PDF
Grazia Crocco Galèas
Pre-Indo-European Relics: the *borm- Root in the European Pre-Latin Context PDF
Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
Digit Ratio as a Predictor of Language Development and Media Preferences in Kindergarten Children PDF
Benjamin P. Lange
Болгарские бессоюзные сложные предложения в сопоставлении с русскими PDF
Alla Gradinarova
Intertextual Symbolism, Gullah and Language Conflict in Daughters of the Dust PDF
Sanja Škifić, Rajko Petković
Figure-Ground Relations in Human-Computer Dialogue Modeling PDF
Olena Begal


Review of Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics 2014: New Empirical and Theoretical Paradigms PDF
Li Xin

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