Zur kommunikativen Funktion von Eigennamen

Michal Rubáš


On the basis of Hans-Werner Eroms pragmatic style theory and by means of a language-political history of an education reform implementation, namely of the so called Bologna Process, the following text is an attempt to elucidate essential conditions of the manipulative style effected by the use of proper names. Thereby, Keith Donnellans reference theory and Saul Kripke's notion of the rigid designator appear as particularly revealing. The manipulation violating the cooperative principle of Grice is explained by the assessments of the causal-historical theory of reference and based on the tensions and blendings of attributive and referential relatedness to the thematized object in the respective discourses. Afterwards, the result of the analysis is directly linked to an important evolutionary consideration that turns the language ability as such into a subject of discussion: The crucial conditions of the language manipulation skills performed by means of proper names are constitutive for the phenomenon language in general.

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